Scotland, new entry rules

Scotland, new entry rules

From Monday 2 August, visitors from EU countries on the Amber List, who begin receiving two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, will be able to travel to Scotland without quarantine upon arrival. However, visitors will still have to submit two negative PCR tests, one done before the visit and the other on the second day of arrival. These changes do not yet apply to visitors to France.

From this date, visitors to Italy, San Marino and Vatican City who have been fully vaccinated must:

– Have a printed document proving they have been fully vaccinated (must be presented during travel to Scotland)

Fill out a Digital Localization Form (Passenger Locator Form) Fully vaccinated claim

undergo a COVID-19 swab before starting the journey

Reserve, for £88, a COVID-19 buffer – This tampon must be made within 2 days of arrival in Scotland – tampons must be booked through the CTM booking portal – no other type of tampon may be used for this purpose, nor those that are NHS national are exempt from the healthcare system nor are those sold from private suppliers

Travelers from EU countries classified as “amber” who have not been fully vaccinated or are traveling from France must still comply with the following rules:

Fill out a Digital Localization Form (Passenger Locator Form)

undergo a COVID-19 swab before starting the journey

Book and pay £170 in advance for COVID-19 swabs to be taken on Days 2 and 8 of Self Isolation,From the date of arrival on CTM Portal.

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On arrival in Scotland isolate themselves at the place where they are staying for 10 days

– To undergo COVID-19 swabs on days 2 and 8 of self-isolation


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