Scotland | Nicola Sturgeon “Never Been So Sure” On Receive Freedom

  Scotland |  Nicola Sturgeon

(Glasgow) Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Saturday she is “not so sure” that the British province will achieve independence, as Brexit is about to come January.

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“Scotland is now a nation on the brink of history. Freedom is clearly in sight: a common goal, with humility and hard work, I was never so sure we would achieve it,” said me Sturgeon at the opening of Congress – virtual due to the new coronavirus of the Scottish Independence Party (SNP), which she leads.

Even though “our main goal should remain the eradication of COVID-19 from our region, Scotland must prepare for the times to come after that,” she added from her home in Glasgow.

The will of liberty has come into force again after much criticism of London’s handling of the new coronavirus pandemic.

It is now “constant and majority opinion in public opinion”, according to the independence leader, that a poll conducted by Ipsos MORI in early October attributed “very strong” public support to 72% of its pandemic management. was satisfied.

Its formation therefore appears to be in a strong position ahead of the local elections in May. The SNP could win several seats in the decentralized Holyrood parliament, which is responsible for making its own decisions on education, health and transport.

Ito me Sturgeon promised in September to set the terms and date of a second referendum on the independence of the British province, despite London’s refusal before this election.

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The Scots rejected independence in a referendum held in 2014.

One such poll has already taken place in 2014 and Scots voted 55% to stay in the UK. Since then, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly denied allowing Scotland to hold a new referendum, arguing that it was a vote that took place “once in a generation”.

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But Nicola Sturgeon argues that Brexit has been a game-changer for Scots. The British province voted overwhelmingly against leaving the European Union in 2016.

Officially entered into force on 31 January, Brexit 1. but will become a realityis January, at the end of the transition period. As the deadline draws closer, London and Brussels are continuing their talks to try to conclude a free trade agreement, despite persistent differences.

“The people of Scotland have the right to choose their future,” said the Scottish prime minister. “The question before everyone in the May election is: Who should be making the decisions that will shape our future? ”

He called on his soldiers to “demonstrate with restraint and fortitude that Scotland is ready to take its place in the great family of independent nations”.


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