Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon worries about new oil field – request on Boris Johnson

Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon worries about new oil field - request on Boris Johnson

Scottish Prime Minister nicola sturgeon The prime minister to face the climate crisis is boris johnson Urged to reconsider plans for a new oil field. “I urge the British government to re-examine the licenses that have already been issued in light of the ongoing climate crisis,” Sturgeon said in a letter to Johnson. Twitter published. This also applies to the planned Cambo oil field, which may be developed off the Scottish coast and which has already attracted much criticism.

Johnson had visited a wind farm Scotland Recently said that while we should get rid of oil and gas as soon as possible, existing contracts should not be “broken”. As host of the upcoming United Nations World Climate Conference COP26, the British prime minister repeatedly presents himself as a pioneer of climate protection, calling on the international community to do more.

A current report from the WWF organization, which the BBC reported on Thursday, provides Great Britain On the other hand, a poor report: the current budget sees only 0.01 percent of GDP. climate protection measures Front. According to the government’s own advisers, however, at least one percent is necessary to be able to achieve the climate goals that have been set.

According to the BBC, the Scottish prime minister spoke on the oil sector for the first time, on which London would eventually have the final word. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released this week has declared a “red alert” for the planet and represents an obligation to make the difficult decisions needed, Sturgeon said.

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