Scotland plans new independence referendum –

Case numbers rise sharply in Scotland

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced another referendum on Scottish independence if her party wins the general election in early May. “If the people of Scotland vote for another independence referendum there will be another independence referendum,” Sturgeon said yesterday in front of the regional parliament in Edinburgh.

The head of government survived the no-confidence motion in Parliament yesterday. The opposition accused him of “betraying” parliament in the misconduct allegations against his predecessor, Alex Salmond.

waiting for may

Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP) is expected to win the general election on 6 May. The head of government aims to allow Scotland to rejoin the European Union after a new referendum and exit from the United Kingdom. On Monday, the SNP introduced a new draft law to parliament in Edinburgh that aims to hold a referendum by the end of 2023. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vehemently rejected another referendum.

In the first referendum in 2014, most Scots were against separation from London. In the 2016 Brexit vote, Scots, unlike most of the British, voted against leaving the European Union. After that the freedom movement again gained momentum.

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