Scotland: Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, wants to join EU soon

Scotland: Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, wants to join EU soon

After Great Britain left the European Union, the Scottish head of government invaded Nikola Sturgeon More and more towards an EU accession to Scotland. She will enter her nation rapidly after independence, the goal of which she holds a referendum European Union Lead, said the newspaper in an interview with the daily newspaper “Die Welt” and other European media.

“According to the latest surveys, more than half of Scots want independence. I believe the Scots will say yes in the next referendum, ”she said. an independent Scotland Then will immediately submit an application for membership of the European Union. In his view, Scotland is “a unique case for an instant access to the European Union”.

“Scotland is coming home, this is not a new beginning”

Scotland’s accession is “not an enlargement”. Eventually, as part of the United Kingdom, Scotland was a member for more than 40 years. “Scotland is coming home, this is not a new beginning.”

Scotland needs London approval for the referendum. Premieres Boris johnson If a referendum does not close, it does not exclude legal action, Sturgeon said. “If London refuses to approve, then we will have to see if the Scottish Parliament can pass the necessary legislation. This question has not yet arisen in court, but I am not dismissing it. We the head of the Scottish National Party (SNP) said that we cannot allow the British government to block democracy.

In the most recent vote in 2014, 55 percent of Scots voted to remain in the UK. However, the SNP argues that given Brexits A new vote is required. In the UK referendum on leaving the European Union in 2016, a majority of Scots voted in favor of remaining in the European Union.

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