Scotland produces a big surprise in England after 38 years of famine

Scotland produces a big surprise in England after 38 years of famine

Scotland signed off on a great feat, winning against England this Saturday (6-11) on the first day of the VI countries tournament. For the first time on the Twickenham lawn since 1983.

On the lawn of Twinchnum in London this Saturday, Thistle stung more harshly than Rose. Scotland shocked England (6–11) on the first day of the VI Nations tournament edition 2021.

This success is a real achievement since the Calcutta Cup (match between English and Scottish) as Scotland had been chasing a win on English soil since 1983. 38 years later, the gang led by Gregor Townsend put an end to their long wait.

In terms of passion, we are far from the crazy comeback of 2019, where, 31–0, at half-time for XV de la Rose, an improbable 38–38 draw was born that we thought would be remembered. For years. Less than two years later, the Scots have done better, at least in terms of results and history, with this considerable success.

Scotland wins a big fight

With the dual title holders, the Scots took the lead after just five minutes with a penalty from racing opener Finn Russell. Much better in his match, Chardon of XV then made his only effort of the match, thanks to a win by South African-origin duhan van der Merwe (0-8, 29th).

Despite two Owen Farrell penalties before the break (6-8, 40th), the Eddie Jones-led team once again crossed their boundaries. Pulsed in the attack, the British were disappointed and could not win the bitter fight proposed by the Scots. One final kick from Finn Russell as soon as he came back from the locker room (6-11, 48th), just to close the mark and held on to Scotland, especially thanks to his pack.

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English revenge against Italy

A new defeat for the start of the tournament which would undoubtedly deprive England of a Grand Slam. But beware of XV de la Rose’s awakening during the next matches.

Last year, and despite France’s defeat against XV on the first day (24-17), the English team narrowly topped the Blues to win the VI Nations. The reception of Italy next Saturday could take a big jump from the two-time defending champion. Otherwise, coach Eddie Jones will find himself in more danger than ever.


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