Scotland prohibits access to Guadeloupe travelers, Twitter bites

Scotland prohibits access to Guadeloupe travelers, Twitter bites

This Thursday, the Scottish Government reported in its update on the coronovirus epidemic that, given the active spread of the virus in Slovenia and Guadeloupe, now, travelers from these two regions will be subjected to period isolation up to 14 days after arrival. Guadeloupe is one of the areas considered to be at risk, with the highest virus circulation in France.

The announcement of these two new destinations in the list of at-risk countries and regions did not have the expected impact. On Twitter, Internet users took the side of the humor, noting that given the sunny climate of the archipelago, they suspected that Guadeloupeans would like to come and spend their holidays in rainy and cloudy Scotland.

“Who the hell would want to come to Scotland in Guadeloupe?” Can we study like this?

A few shared meme and gifs, small animated images depicting the actors of the Death to Paradise series, ecstatic at the idea of ​​not going home. The television series, shot entirely in the archipelago, is very popular in the United Kingdom. The feats of police inspectors fascinated the British and made the island of Guadeloupe a destination.


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