Scotland Report Card – Tierney’s return is significant. not even inadequacy

Le pagelle della Scozia - Il rientro di Tierney è fondamentale. Neanche un

Marshal 6,5 – England, who knows, shoots very rarely on goal. But when he does, he finds the Scottish extreme defender a tough obstacle to overcome.
Hanley 6,5 – The Norwich captain is confirmed and makes another outstanding performance. Clean closure, timing, insertion if needed
Mactomin 6,5 – He retreats a few meters from his usual box, with the aim of giving feel and personality to a defensive line that promises to urge. A couple of smears in the first half, a great explanation of the role in the second half
Tierney 7 – He is one of the best in the field. His absence from the first match against the Czech Republic always leads to something dangerous. And in the defensive phase it’s practically perfect
O’Donnell 6,5 – It has varying degrees of interpolation quality compared to many of its neighbors. But the competitive spirit and spirit manage to equalize the gap and make him one of the most dangerous in the first half
McGinn 6,5 – A few positioning errors, but also a number of small things to do well in both stages of the game. It’s an intense and dynamic spirit of Scotland
Gilmour 6,5 – The 2001 class, owned by Chelsea, has obvious technical qualities, even though he doesn’t always manage to show them off perfectly. The weight of the match is felt, but overall he gets away with some rough plays and a lot of running (from 77′ Armstrong 6,5 – get into the game well, create interesting situations on the left lane)
McGregor 6.5 – He lacks mobility in some situations, but he knows how to keep the ball between his legs and has the right experience to handle pressures like this evening. And, finally, his Scotland needs it
Robertson 7 – Another excellent match from the captain and winger of Liverpool after the great test against the Czech Republic. He resolves the wing, puts up the cross, encourages his teammates and closes many dangerous positions in the defensive phase.
dykes 6 – He often gets hit by British power stations and doesn’t always seem to be doing the right thing. He would do so in the 62nd minute with a brilliant shot from the edge, but James sacrificed himself and saved over the line.
Adams 6,5 – He walks, several, asks for the ball, causing apprehension in the English rearguard. The team trusts him and finds him, even if the goal doesn’t come (from 86′ nisbet sv)

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Steve Clark 7 – Organize your tartan army as much as possible. He deserves success too, his Scotland. But at the end of the game it becomes clear from the smiles of the players how much even a draw matters.


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