Scotland: Rewards for new stadium turf

Scotland: Rewards for new stadium turf

The new pitch at Scotland’s Redell Park Stadium has won the 2022 SAPCA Award in the Sustainability category. company trosella Contributed to the success of the project with his sobering elements.

The new pitch at the Redel Park stadium, installed by Sportex Group using Trokelon technology, has won the 2022 SAPCA Awards in the Sustainability category. The Troisdorf-based company reused an eight-year-old program damping element. The reason for this was the limited budget of the client. The used cushioning pads had previously been removed from the existing pitch in Edinburgh and stored for re-use. The new natural grass field at the home of FC Gretna also meets FIFA Quality Pro standards.

Each year, members of the Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) are invited to submit entries for the awards, whether it be a new product, service, technological innovation, completed project, research project or sustainability achievement. (Stadium World, 16.11.2022)

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