Scotland sends “Destiny Stone” for Charles’s coronation in London

Scotland sends

Charles Philip Arthur George is the new King of the United Kingdom. Scotland is sending the “Destiny Stone” to London for his coronation.


The most important things in a nutshell

  • Scotland sends the “Destiny Stone” for the coronation of Charles in London.
  • For centuries it has been the subject of dispute between Scotland and England.

A mythical stone weighing 150 kg at the time of coronation is said to by King Charles III. come into use Scotland will lend the stone to London for the coronation. A spokesman for the Society for Historic Places in Scotland confirmed this on Sunday.

It is known as the “Destiny Stone” or the Stone of Scone, named after a small Scottish town. However, for centuries, it was the biggest barrier between Scotland and England.

After winning a battle in 1296, the British stole the rectangular sandstone and brought it to London. It remained there for 700 years until the British handed it back to Scotland in a ceremony in 1996. he has since Edinburgh Castle issued.

According to legend, it once served as a pillow for Abraham’s grandson. In 1950, students stole a stone from Westminster Abbey in London. that was months later in medieval Church in Scotland Found it and came back.

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