Scotland: separatists tear each other

Scotland: separatists tear each other

The settlement of the score at the top of the SNP overshadowed the organization of a new referendum.

The sling camp is in the midst of civil war. Two and a half months before the local elections, which paved the way for a new referendum for them, the Scottish separatists lost their hands.

The fight brings together two great figures from the SNP (Scottish National Party), former Prime Minister Alex Salmond and current head of government Nicola Sturgeon. The first alleges that the second conspired to kill him, of which he was orchestrating, alleging sexual abuse. Revenge? Restoration of Honor? This quarrel where the nationalist reduces the risk of not serving the cause

The Scottish Parliament, Holyrode, is now investigating whether Nicola Sturgeon interfered in the proceedings or lied to her. “Scotland has not failed, but its leadership has failed”, Alex Salmond told the parliamentary committee on Friday that the government was accused of conduct “Illegal”. At the beginning of the week, he condemned

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