Scotland: SNP wins, but does not have an absolute majority

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Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP saw a fourth consecutive electoral victory for the Separatists in the Scottish crucial vote in the British local consultation, but no absolute majority in the Edinburgh Parliament. At the end of the counting of votes, the Prime Minister’s Scottish National Party (SNP) won 64 seats (+1 compared to the 2016 election) in Holyrood Parliament, just one seat with an absolute majority. The Conservatives win 31 (unchanged), Labor 22 (-2), the Greens 8 (+2) and the Liberal Democrats 4 (-1).

Sturgeon, now nothing is right for the referendum – First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon believes there is “no justification” that could prevent a new referendum on Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom. Commenting on the election results, Sturgeon quoted British media as saying that there is “undoubtedly a pro-independence majority” in the Scottish Parliament. “There is no democratic justification for Boris Johnson or anyone else to try to block the Scottish people’s right to decide their future,” Sturgeon said while the votes were still being counted. “To any politician in Westminster who wants to get in the way, I say two things: first, do not go on a confrontation with the SNP, but with the democratic will of the Scottish people. Second: you will not succeed. Only Joe Scotland They are the Scottish people, and no Westminster politician can or should come in the way,” he warned.

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