Scotland – St Mirren: John Needham convicted of posting obscene tweets

Écosse – Saint Mirren : Accusé de tweets obscènes, John Needham condamné

St Mirren’s chairman John Needham has been sentenced by a Scottish Football Association (SFA) court to a fine of £6,000. Friends Boss has been accused of making objectionable and obscene tweets against Rangers.

The president of St Mirren was accused of making “discriminatory or offensive” remarks and fined after appearing before an independent disciplinary court in Hampden on Thursday. John Needham was forced to apologize to Ibrox owners after calling Gers fans “h**ns” in pre-2015 tweets. He also called the club “Sevko”.

After taking over as St Mirren boss at the start of the season, John Needham has apologized to Rangers. In a tweet on Friday, 22 October, he wrote: “As club president I have additional responsibility for conduct and example. These posts are completely inappropriate and do not reflect my character or my beliefs as an individual. And I am deeply sorry for them. I sincerely apologize to Ranger fans and everyone in St. Mirren. I am fully aware of my responsibility. This will not happen again,” we can read on his Twitter account.

St Mirren issued a statement this afternoon saying: ‘After the SFA disciplinary hearing for John Needham the result is: a £6,000 fine was implemented with £5,000 due immediately and £1,000 suspended until the end of the 2021-2022 season. Given. in the event of a new violation of disciplinary rule 71; 73; In the meantime, 77. St. Mirren Football Club will not comment further.”


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