Scotland, St Mirren without Coronovirus goalkeepers: heart lends one

Scotland, St Mirren without Coronovirus Goalkeeper: Heart is a Credit

Two St. Mirren goalkeepers tested positive for coronaviruses, while a third was excluded for protection. But the game is not postponed.

Scottish football also has to contend with Coronavirus chaos. St. Mirren, On the eve of the championship match againstIrish, Kovid-19 suddenly ran off the doom.

Was the first to test positive earlier this week Like Alvanik. Then it was the turn of another goalkeeper whose name was not communicated, while the third was held out to prevent it from spreading further by contagion.

St Mirren thus found themselves without a goalkeeper but the match was scheduled for Saturday afternoon, forcing the club not to resort to an emergency loan: Bobby Zamal of Hearts would defend the posts.

St. Mirren was also at the center of a case in July when seven staff members were initially positive for coronovirus, but six of them later tested incorrect positives.

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