Scotland, Sturgeon wins but is not overwhelmed. “Now referendum for independence”

  Scotland, Sturgeon wins but is not overwhelmed.
Nicola Sturgeon remains in the saddle

LONDON, 8 May 2021 – fourth election victory continuously for SNP. supporters of independence By Nicola Sturgeon, the current Prime Minister in Scotland at local British consultation. but party failed to get an absolute majority Edinburgh Parliament. According to the BBC’s calculations, the separatists, who aimed to give more power to requests for a referendum on farewell in London, had so far been rejected by Boris Johnson’s central government, they get 63 seats Like in 2016. A number sufficient to guarantee the leadership of the next local government, but not to reach 65 which gives them over 50% of the assembly and therefore an advantage, even psychological and popular, in the fight for plebiscite and independence. For.

However, Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister and leader of the SNP, believes that “no justification“that they can prevent a new referendum, Commenting on the election results, Sturgeon quoted British media as saying that there is “undoubtedly a pro-independence majority” in the Scottish Parliament. Even though the previous referendum did not produce the results desired by Sturgeon’s initiative, the Brexit vote showed a more pro-European Scotland than a darker England.

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