Scotland, the brilliant Motherwell initiative: “Free season tickets for the unemployed and those in distress”

Scotland, the brilliant Motherwell initiative:

Many fans have been badly hit by the crisis and cannot afford tickets. A situation that particularly affected Scottish club Motherwell.

The lack of fans during the Covid-19 era made itself felt a lot, and not just for economic reasons. Of course, many clubs, especially in smaller categories, which make box office one of the main revenue factors, have also suffered due to this reason. But what players and all insiders never stop stressing is that the warmth of the audience is such a fundamental part of the spectacle of football that it has long had the effect of doing without it. But now that stadiums are finally reopening with greater capacities, the opposite problem also arises: Many fans have been badly hit by the crisis and cannot afford tickets.

Community and Friendship – A situation that has particularly affected Scottish club Motherwell, who have decided to run for cover, announcing a certainly commendable initiative. as he explained on their social networks, Giallorossi will offer some season tickets to fans who have been out of work or who earn much less than they did before the pandemic. “We want to give something back to the people in our area who want to go back to watch football and help them share the sense of community and friendship that comes from being together in our stadium”, that page explains. Through which the club offers the possibility to request a free membership.

even the fans – An initiative involving both clubs and supporters who participated through a fundraiser to allow Motherwell to give out even more tickets to those most in need. “We will give free season tickets to those who are unemployed and earning little. We want everyone to feel a part of the club and, where possible, remove any financial constraints. Our fans have supported the Well In initiative. We’ve raised over £60,000 to help us get tickets. We’ve put in the same amount as a club, so we can give as many tickets as possible to people.” In short, football, as they say, is the most important of the least important things. And if a membership can help someone get through such a tough time, they can only be proud and satisfied.

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