Scotland, the small island of Rùm, looking for new residents

Scotland, the small island of Rùm, looking for new residents

If you have ever thought at least once in your life: «Enough, now I leave everything And I am going to a remote island in the sea of ​​Scotland », then congratulations: the opportunity has come. Beautiful one Island of R islandm, A total of forty square kilometers, at the moment – for about forty residents, looking for a new batch of residents. Purpose: to slowly recreate a smaller, more or less autonomous company, offering in return for rent at decidedly controlled prices.

This is right. The island of R them, which is the largest of the smaller islands of the Inner Hebrides, is on the west coast. Scotland, Four eco-homes are currently under construction, which will rise in the center – if it can be defined as such – in its only currently existing village, Kinloch. The houses under consideration will be equipped with two bedrooms, along with all necessary services. And all the places around you would like. In particular, the island will seek people capable of working in the areas of childcare, food production and housekeeping. But also in Tourism, Once known as ‘Kinloch Castle’, is now transformed into a hostel, ready to welcome travelers in search of an experience amidst deer, wild goats, chiles and ponies.

However, anyone who intends to open a new business on the island is also welcome: the services currently offered are actually limited to a cafe, a local art / souvenir shop and a post office. In short, differentiation should not be particularly complicated. The total demand for controlled rent of houses should be approx. 450 pounds Overall: Applications will be open The official site of the island of Rùm By 28 August.


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