Scotland: They take advantage of fire alarms to leave restaurants without paying

Scotland: They take advantage of fire alarms to leave restaurants without paying

His boss is angry, and that’s it. Sid Gavan runs a restaurant at the Livingston Designer Outlet Shopping Center in Edinburgh, Scotland. as related Edinburgh Evening NewsOn Sunday, July 4, a fire alarm went off in the shopping center, caused by the Pizza Hut restaurant that is located in front of it.

At that time about 60 tables are full in his house, but everyone is forced to go out for safety. A man questioned by our Scottish colleagues also revealed that he had never heard such a strong alarm. Regardless, once a stop is made, customers are invited to return to the restaurant. Except that the manager of the restaurant will see an astonishing sight: no more than a third of his tables are returned.

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A customer leaves in a BMW

“When we all went in I immediately saw that we had 39 tables full before the alarm sounded, only 19 tables were seated. That’s less than 50%. Really angry to be very clear,” said Sid Gavan , specifying that he shall never behave in such a manner. “We have regular customers and customers who come over from time to time.”

Even worse, he recognizes one of his customers outside who moves to a BMW. “He left as if nothing had happened. He didn’t pay a single penny,” he laments. The total amount of his losses for that day is still over £1,000, or just under €1,200. “I could never have predicted the people who weren’t going to pay. It’s a mix of families, kids, youth, grandparents, people from all social classes,” he regrets. He made a point of visiting to greet those who had stayed and paid their bills.

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