Scotland: This company offers to become a lord or woman to preserve nature reserves.

Scotland: This company offers to become a lord or woman to preserve nature reserves.

For fifteen years, the Highland Titles have offered to become God Or by purchasing plots of land in a nature reserve in south west Scotland. Purpose: to preserve the wildlife found there.

What if you were to become a lord or a woman Scotland The This is possible with the Highland title. Or approx. Since 2006, this Scottish company has offered to buy plots of land in a nature reserve area Mountainous terrain, To the south-west of the country, and thus to the zamindars, the Scottish equivalent of lord or lady, attaining the title of lord.

In nearly fifteen years, more than 300,000 people from all continents have succumbed to the proposal. Not only for the title, but also for a good reason. Because the goal is not just to acquire land plots, it is uppermost to sustain wild life.

Highland Title’s long-term project is truly first and environmentally friendly. The company now has two nature reserves, Glencoe Wood acquired in 2007, and Mountain View, obtained in 2014, both of which are dozens of hectares long used for commercial forestry and agriculture.

Find wildlife friendly habitat

With its initiative, the company hopes to return them to habitats conducive to wild flora and fauna. It follows “Awareness-raising action for Scottish school children and local species conservation work“, Explained The release Anne Atternue, in charge of sales to the French-speaking community.

Initially, the Highland title began as a family project. This is Dr. Peter bevis, A member of the Zoological Society of London and his daughter Laura who gave birth to the initiative by selling plots of their land for planting new trees. The success of the operation allowed it to expand its scale rapidly, according to official website.

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People are very sensitive to the conservation of the highlands, to keep this land as it is, rather than handing it over to concrete or agriculture. Our work on flora and fauna is now sustainable “, Assured Anne Atternue, specifying that the store had already found almost all of its buyers.

Buy plot in a few clicks

Nevertheless, it is still possible to purchase plots. To do this, get on the bus Highland title website, To select its reserved area, land and its bonus. The buyer may then be called the Lord or Lady of Glencoe or Lokhbar according to the chosen reservation and may even obtain a certificate mentioning his or her title.

It is important to specify that it is about a fictitious title, which is more accurately marked by the Scottish company, not the official title of Laird, which is much more difficult to obtain through the traditional process . “To raise money for conservation“, Confirmed Stephen Rossiter, Commercial Director daily Telegraph.

It should be noted that this is a courtesy title. You can’t come to Heathrow and ask to meet the queen, but it’s fun“, He continued. Fantasy or not, the concept is misguided and some people don’t hesitate to poke fun by organizing the ceremony or adding a title with their name on their bank account or credit card.

Others also visit the reserves to visit their plots. Highland Titles offers the possibility to go there to explore and consider their lands, as well as to learn more about the conservation project. On the other hand, it is prohibited to project any construction or investment projects there.

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Participate in conservation efforts

Through this transaction, purchasers acquire the right to a “souvenir parcel”, but remain the official owner of the Highland title land. “Some people want to buy to build, resell, invest. We are not at all in this argument “, Pressed The release Menley Dubilon, French-speaking buyers advisor.

On the other hand, the company encourages The lords And Women One should participate in the project by giving his opinion on the development of the land and efforts to restore and maintain them. Buyers also have the right to convey their plots to their descendants.

Less than fifteen years later, the initiative has started bearing fruit for nature. According to the company, the list of species present in both reserves is increasing every year, specifically citing observations of an osprey and a species. Papillon Known as the Bromine Skipper, extinct in England since 1976.

Over the past five years, the Highland Titles have inaugurated several structures in partnership with Scottish organizations. These include, for example, Bumblebee Haven – an area dedicated to the conservation of bumblebee – and hedgehog sanctuaries and forever-dedicated homes elephant.

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