Scotland, thousands of women convicted of witchcraft will be rehabilitated

Scozia, migliaia di condannate per stregoneria saranno riabilitate

Scotland is preparing for the resettlement of about 4 thousand people (87% women) who tried witchcraft and in most cases were at stake over the past centuries. According to the Sunday TimesIndeed, nearly 300 years after the Witchcraft Act’s repeal, a Scottish Member of Parliament’s bill to rehabilitate alleged witches won the support of Nicholas Sturgeon’s administration.

The 5 Great Witches Hunt in Scotland

This approach comes after a two-year campaign by the group witches of scotland And follows a precedent from the Massachusetts House of Representatives in the United States, which in 2001 declared the victims of the Salem Witch Trials innocent. Witch hunting in Scotland took place between 1563 (when the Witchcraft Act was introduced) and 1736, when it was finally repealed, and led to five “Great Scottish Witch Hunts” and a series of nationwide trials. Now, three centuries after the witchcraft law was repealed, activists are in the race for amnesty and official apologies for 3,837 innocent victims.

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