Scotland to test four-day work week as latest nation to attempt change

Scotland to test four-day work week as latest nation to attempt change

Scotland announced his intention to rehearse for four days work week, it is the latest nation to join the trend while others explore the possibility of permanent change.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is pledging its campaign to try to reduce working hours to increase worker productivity and happiness. Spain, New Zealand, Japan and Iceland have already adopted the four-day work week, an experience Scotland will use as its own experiment.

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workers’ hours will be reduced by 20% without impact on their wages, Forbes informed of.

The SNP has pledged 10 million pounds ($13.8 million) for the transition to a shorter work week.

Some companies have already started their own shorter work weeks, each with employee support. Surveys of SNPs showed that 80% of people would support change.

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Switching to fewer hours has many benefits, including increased productivity, a greater sense of value, and a better overall worker attitude.

Six years ago, Iceland began to gradually reduce the workweek after seeing positive results when it introduced some of the most stressful jobs. About 86% of the workforce has now opted for a shorter work week, BBC informed of.

New Zealand launched a similar program before the pandemic and saw productivity gains of around 20%, with many employees claiming to have improved their work-life balance.

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However, according to the German outlet, not all countries have had success with the model. german wave.

The Swedish trial had mixed results, mainly due to opposition to the plan among employers, and the plan was not renewed for a long period.

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In most cases, the reduction is not reduced to one flat day, but is spread over several days: in the case of Sweden, the hours each day have been reduced, resulting in a five-day shift. six hours, while others include a free afternoon .

Scotland will however follow the Icelandic model, which includes a three-day weekend.


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