Scotland, Trump’s Golf Course No Longer Protected Area

Scotland, Trump's Golf Course No Longer Protected Area

London Donald Trump They lost one battle after another to the White House. And this time it cannot ask for a recount of votes or reporting non-existent electoral scandals: the decision by Nature Scott, Scotland’s environmental protection agency, is final. Edinburgh officials have stripped Trump Aberdeenshire Golf Resort, the Aberdeen area golf course and hotel owned by the US President, from a nature reserve status of national importance. The changes in the area for the construction of the golf course have been made to make them lose the name of a “place of special scientific interest”, a statement said.

The construction of Trump’s resort, which dates back to his election as president in 2016, sparked much controversy in Scotland. The chosen area was one of the best preserved and most valuable natural habitats for the richness of flora and fauna: sand dunes and reeds along the seashore, abundance of birds and rodents. But Nature Scott’s warning that the project would severely damage the environment was not noticed by either the construction company or the Ministry of Construction, which was ultimately based on the principle that the initiative would have economic benefits. Nature’s damage, canceling the negative opinion of the city council of Aberdeen. Now, after a long diet, the Environment Agency has issued its decision. Golf course and luxury hotel managers did not like it, reacting in the classic Trump style: “A highly political decision. We have spent millions to protect the environment around the golf course, even by nature Scott. Recognized us for the first time. The level of investment by Trump International in this project is far greater than that made by the previous owners. And it is counter-productive to deprive our campus of the status of a place of scientific and natural interest. When the tourism sector is already hit hard by the Kovid epidemic ”.

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The investigation by Nature Scotch, which lasted four years, stated that the natural features of the Trump Golf Resort area have been “partially destroyed” by the construction of the hotel and sports complex, with “no possibility of recovery” “.


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