Scotland voted for Mancini and criticized the British


Old wounds, political disagreements or even the perceived arrogance of English fans are some of the reasons that drive many fans in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland today to support Italy and not England (11/7, 21). 0:00) Euro 2020 Final.

On Wednesday (7/7) the whole of England celebrated after qualifying for the final of the tournament (the first since winning the World Cup in 1966), while football fans from neighboring countries showed little enthusiasm.

Sports editor Tom Williams wrote on Twitter: “Asking Wales fans to support England is like asking Everton fans to support Liverpool.” “Yes, it’s a good team, with a good coach, but you can’t overpower your opponents.”

The pointers are the results of a relevant poll, conducted online by “Good Morning Britain” and according to which 63% of fans in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will support Italy in the final.

“Wales has suffered centuries of persecution from England and Boris Johnson’s government only thinks of us,” journalist Laura Kemp told Wales Online.

For his part, the British react by saying that he is sadly considered his most extreme fan and what is considered arrogance is actually a way of encouraging his team.

… At the center of the categories is the famous slogan “Football is coming home”, a song that was recorded for Euro 1996 and is often sung by English fans. Which is considered a very arrogant claim considering England’s repeated failure in major tournaments over the past 55 years!

“Does football come home? I don’t think so,” commented Scottish Liverpool legend Graham Sunes, while in a similar style, Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel argued with a dose of irony: “Have you ever been at home? Have you ever lived?

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However, the band’s song “The Lightning Seeds” is actually the opposite of typical hardcore lyrics, as it refers to “a dream that never comes true, past glory and lost opportunities”, as the hosts explain. BBC’s Dan Walker on Twitter: “This is a song about a hope that will never go away despite the pain.”

And while Britain’s four nations are happy to support their common team competing under the same flag at the Olympics, their individual participation in the … .

For three small countries, England, with 56 million residents and the seat of central government, is a symbol of conservatism, colonialism and centuries of oppression.

The Scottish TV presenter, Stuart Cosgrove … drowned Scotland in the tournament, seeing Prime Minister Boris Johnson or Interior Secretary, Priti Patel wearing a British T-shirt claiming to represent the British government”.

On the other hand, the attitude of the English national team against racial or gender discrimination is regarded with a very positive sign, as before each match, international players take a knee and express their support for similar actions.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth sent her message to the England manager, wishing the national team good luck ahead of the Euro 2020 grand final at Wembley, against Italy, the country’s first in a major event since the World Cup. 1966 Cup.

Hours before the first cross, the Queen sent a letter to Gareth Southgate, reminding him of his participation in the 1966 World Cup in England while presenting the trophy to Bobby Moore.

He wrote, “I want to send my best wishes for tomorrow with the hope that history will record not only your success, but also your spirit, commitment and pride.”

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There is great excitement for national qualification at the event’s final in Great Britain, with beer sales increasing, while nurseries, given a special permit, are able to open late on Monday.


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