Scotland, wanted patron for a small uninhabited island for thirty years-

Scotland, wanted patron for a small uninhabited island for thirty years-

For thirty years the protector has been wanted for a deserted island. The unusual announcement was posted on Facebook by the Isle Martin Trust, Isle Martin’s charity owner, just five minutes by boat on the surface less than two square kilometers Off the coast of Scotland, near the town of Ullapool. The news was reported on the BBC website, which dedicated a detailed report on the matter.

The Trust considers it necessary to entrust someone, an individual or a couple, to take care of the island, a paradise for bird watchers. And home to an algae festival (from 6 to 12 September), with two beaches and a museum hut and despite great natural interest not many tourists come. The owner body also aims to make the island plastic-free and durable, to increase the area’s appeal. The caretaker will – according to the declaration – be able to lead a boat to the mainland in case of need, take care of the island with small maintenance interventions, clean public toilets, implement anti-Kovid regulations and Welcome tourists. You can also set a refreshment point or a small bar. Not to get rich for the job: Whoever accepts the job, the advertisement states, will be able to earn up to £ 150 per week, even if the commitment does not exceed three hours a day. On the other hand, the caretaker will not have large expenses, especially for bills: There is no running water, electricity is guaranteed by a small generator capable of powering a small computer or some light.

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Eyal Martin has for years maintained a monastery, a herring mature station and a mill. The trust focuses on some enthusiasts who want to live an experience in contact with nature. According to Becky Thomson, the director of the owner of the property, if someone likes the land, they can revive our garden if they want. It is a quiet place, no car, no road. Nature only. The last date for submission of applications expires on 1 June.

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