Scotland wants new independence referendum after epidemic

Scotland wants new independence referendum after epidemic

According to this text, it will be up to the Scottish Parliament to set an election date, which London is strongly opposed to, but the local government believes it should happen after the health crisis.

Questions Asked, Should Scotland become an independent country?, Will remain the same as 2014, when the British province decided 55% to remain within the United Kingdom. But Brexit, against which the Scots voted 62% in 2016, changed the situation and raised wings for the desire for freedom.

For the support for independence and for Nicola Sturgeon’s party, the SNP, however, is against the backdrop of tearing among separatists in recent weeks. A subsequent victory in the local parliament in the 6 May local elections is expected to destabilize the position of Boris Johnson’s government, which persists in denying Scotland a new consultation.

In opposition’s crosshairs

Nicola Sturgeon saw the resignation call intensified by the opposition, amid controversy over his handling of sexual harassment allegations as head of his government and SNP, SLP, Alex Salmond, who was eventually cleared by justice in 2020 .

According to the distrust present in the local media, a parliamentary committee concluded last Thursday that the prime minister had deceive Parliament due to contradiction regarding a meeting at the beginning of the Salmond case.

The official report is scheduled to take place on Monday, and another report may be released on Monday or Tuesday to determine if the pro-independence leader has violated the minister’s code of conduct.

A few days apart, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon testified before lawmakers accused the case of shedding light on it.

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On March 3, the head of the local government assured that he took action in a proper way And judged Absurd Allegations of conspiracy by his former mentor to remove him from public life.

Alex Salmond said he did No doubt As for the fact that Nicola Sturgeon violated the code of conduct.


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