Scotland wants to gain independence and join the European Union

Scotland wants to gain independence and join the European Union

Now an official divorce between London and Brussels can clear the chaos of the United Kingdom: much European Scotland wants a new referendum on the country’s independence.

Commercial agreement signed in the end There will not be a change between the United Kingdom and the European Union. For Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Prime Minister, the agreement that governs trade relations between the two blocks is a “nothing more” Tough brexit “Decided against the will of Scotland,” In the worst of times, between an epidemic and an economic downturn », She locates on the SNP website, her Freedom Party. She now wants to be able to hold a new referendum six years after a defeat on the country’s independence: In 2014, 55% of the Scots voted against the departure of the United Kingdom.

Possible victory in independence referendum

But things have changed. The 2016 referendum marked an intense split between Scotland, which was 62% opposed to leaving the European Union, and the rest of the UK (51.9% of Britons voted for divorce ‘EU’). But the key is with Boris Johnson. Only the British Prime Minister can authorize such a referendum and he will probably not be in a hurry to give a green light. In fact the reality of Brexit only promotes the independence of the Scots, who now, 62% of Londoners want to leave the Tutlage.

Return to the European Union

Boris Johnson may nonetheless come under pressure from the SNP during local elections in May. The first tangible results of Brexit and the trade agreement will then be realized and the separatist party should gain more popular support. If Scotland were to gain its independence, its future would be the European Assurances Nicola Sturgeon: ” As an independent member of the European Union, Scotland will be a partner and can build bridges, not only a bridge to build a strong economy and a just society, but also a bridge to facilitate relations. Between EU and UK ».

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