Scotland wants to present its plan for an independence referendum before May

L'Ecosse veut présenter son projet pour un référendum d'indépendance avant mai

“Before the end of this legislature, we will publish a bill that will define the conditions and timelines for a referendum on independence, as well as the question put to the people during this referendum”, announced the Prime Minister . Speech to mark the re-entry of the Scottish Parliament.

“And in next year’s (Scottish parliamentary) elections, we will be pushing for Scotland to become an independent country,” who is also the leader of the Scottish Independence Party (SNP).

In an independence referendum in 2014, Scots voted 55% to remain in Britain. Nicola Sturgeon believes Brexit has changed the game, with Scotland voting overwhelmingly in 2016 against leaving the European Union, adopted nationally and effectively from late January.

The demand for an independent Scotland is also returning after much criticism of the novel coronovirus epidemic by London and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The challenges posed by the pandemic have been “completely unnecessarily” complicated by London’s insistence in refusing to expand post-Brexit trade negotiations with the European Union, causing “avoidable losses” for Scottish businesses, to Nicola Sturgeon Rejected, which has seen an increase in its popularity. The beginning of the epidemic.

She hopes to capitalize on this support and good results in national legislative elections, which gave the SNP 48 seats in Westminster in December, forcing it to hold a new election in London.

If analysts predict a large majority in the SNP in the 2021 regional parliamentary elections in Scotland, the Prime Minister’s economic record, on the other hand, could become a hindrance to the adoption of independence in the event of a new referendum.

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According to figures released last week, Scotland spent 15.1 billion pounds ($ 17 billion) in taxes in the last fiscal year.

The sector’s deficit has also exceeded 2 billion pounds (2.2 billion euros) in the last 12 months.


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