Scotland, what a surprise! Gilmour Talent

Billy Gilmour

… and suddenly he comes. Billy Gilmour, 20 years Just completed, midfielder and, if necessary, defender, del Chelsea and of scottish national team, match star match draw ad euro 2020 The horror against England Gareth Southgate.

very important for a race Scots a race they’ve been waiting for ever since 1996 When, in a European hosted on British soil, they were defeated by a genius Paul “Gaza” Gascoigne.

GilmourAfter getting off the race to a positive start, he was in the eye of the storm. Special Celebration.

And instead it shines. To cancel Keane. one of a kind 30 goals per season. Only 19 balls touched. no shooting. a nightmare.

Young Billy has come a long way since his debut in youth academies Glasgow “At Rangers I wanted to be the best in my team and club, at Chelsea you are in an environment where you have to try to be the best in the world”.

He holds the record for the youngest player to wear a Scottish shirt at a major international event.

He also received positive certificates from another famous compatriot: a tennis player. Andy Murray (“Billy Gilmour Is My Idol”, Ha Scrito in Tweet).

he had deposited 11 appearances With Chelsea’s first team, but in May he received a call-up: “Billy Gilmour called up by Scotland for Euro 2020

Small physique, lots of running and ball skills. Intelligence in the middle of the field. Billy Gilmour is already defined “Scotland Thorns”. but he likes to be inspired by fabregas.

In 2017 he said: “I look at Fabregas. I studied it, I incorporated things into my game, like passing and how fast the ball moves, which is his and so Overall it can make me a better midfielder


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