Scotland: what to see while traveling

scozia cosa vedere assolutamente

In Scotland Not to be missed, its landscape diversity is extraordinary: cities and villages, incredible islands, epic places like the Scottish Highlands, and more, we’ll show you exactly what to see In this magical part of the world.

Scotland: exactly what to see

Scotland is much more than just its beautiful nature.

Yes, it’s spectacular, but so are its cities. For example, Edinburgh and Glasgow and a slew of other larger and perhaps lesser known cities spread across the country.

This is a truly amazing place, and there is so much to explore!

1) St. Andrews

this little town is really a stone’s throw from the North Sea and hosts most famous golf courses in the world.

The town is a bit “marginalized” compared to the rest of Scotland (it doesn’t even have its own railway station) but it gives more Attraction. The students are also plentiful, so there is no shortage of entertainment in the evenings.

2) Edinburgh

this great capital It’s the perfect place to spend a long weekend exploring multitude of historical placesIncluding the Royal Mile. There is so much to see and do in Edinburgh.

once from here, enjoy the viewArthur’s Seat, find old town And this New City And come to the Grassmarket for an evening. There are also lots of quirky pubs and bars to visit.

3) Falkirk

Take a trip to Falkirk to see one of these Scotland’s most impressive artwork, Kelpie. The heads of these beautiful horses were commissioned as a meeting point for the 16 communities around them.

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Take a tour and try one of these Fried Mars Bars from Scotland, a local specialty we recommend you don’t miss!

4) Perth

If You Have Some Time, Spend the Afternoon Exploring Historical Attractions of Perth. There are amazing places to see here.

For starters, visit Scone Palace and ali Elcho Castle to admire the royal heritage andScotland’s Historical Prosperity – You can even get your own prince or princess.

It’s really easy to get to Perth from Edinburgh or Glasgow – hop on a train and you’ll be there in over an hour!

5) stick

make sure you move to dandy that’s probably One of the best cities in Scotland to visit. Once here, take a stroll along the newly constructed waterfront.

After that, we recommend you to reach by car only 25 minutes, carnoustie.

this is the seat Scotland’s second most famous golf course. Also, if you’re heading for the coast, don’t forget to visit Glamis Castle.

6) Fort William

Fort William is small and full of charm, an ideal place to visit hilly terrain.

With its breathtaking landscape and picturesque mountains (which have undoubtedly inspired many poets and singers), it is probably One of the best places to get lost in nature. This is indeed one of the best cities in Scotland to visit in the Highlands.

7) Anstruther

Anstruther is home to one of the UK specialties – here you will find The best fish and chip shop! If you pass by, don’t give up trying, if not, what will be the journey?

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this small fishing village is located in Fife’s kingdom, about an hour northeast of Edinburgh.

You can also take a boat from here‘Isle of May’ To see those cute (and apparently elusive) puffins. This is one of the small towns to visit in Scotland.

8) Pitlochari

Famous for its castle and salmonPitlochari is definitely a place to enjoy the finer things in life. it’s also enough Close to Perth and Cairngorms To be able to make a 3 in 1 trip.

9) Glasgow

Glasgow, L’Fire Rival Gods Edinburgh There are so many things to offer!

It’s completely different from the city Edinburgh. So you’ll have two completely different experiences in each city.

visit here once Burrell Collectionhandjob Pollock House And now also discover the famous santa dash which happens every year. It is indeed one of the biggest and best cities in Scotland to visit.

10) Portnahaven

This small fishing village is located atisle of islay.

Take a tour of one of Scotland’s unspoiled villages and enjoy a true return to the origins of time. It may be quite small and does not equal the best Scottish cities to visit, but It’s definitely a charm in itself.


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