Scotland wins 27-23 and destroys French dreams

Scotland wins 27-23 and destroys French dreams

The mission promised to be fragile, making it impossible. The Blues bowed against the Scots recovered in the block on Friday night (23-27) at the Stade de France. Far from the goal of winning the first trophy after 2010. Wales is ultimately sacred.

A defeat at the end of suspense

As of last weekend against Wales, the French had to wait until the final seconds of the meeting to decide on their fate. But this time, he did not favor Tricolores. While his dream of winning the Six Nations tournament had already flown, the Blues also saw their winning slip slip out of their hands, registering five minutes after Van der Merwe’s siren. At the end of a very long sequence of games, the Scots ended up finding flaws in a worn-out French defense. The winger grants himself a double and at the same time becomes the top scorer in the competition.

On Friday night at the Stade de France, in a rain that did not deter their evening opponents, the Blues have often been in trouble. First in aggression, but also in discipline. Fascinated in his boast after hearing that the Blues needed a 21 point margin to win the tournament, the Scots never gave up. There were even those who made the first try of the meeting, already thanks to Duhan van der Merwe (15th).

Surprised by Scottish aggression

During the first minute of the meeting, surprised by Scottish aggression, the French struggled a lot to get out of their camp. The Blues made their presence felt at the half-hour mark in the Scottish 22m, concluding their fascination with a try by Bryce Dulin, the savior of the match against Wales. At the break, the Blues led by a short header (13-10).

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After a yellow card placed on Captain Stuart Hogg helped his numerical superiority, the French returned from the locker room with new intentions, determined to intensify the movement and receive this famous offensive bonus. Symbol of this new impetus: the effort of Damian Penaud, led by Virami Vakatawa (46th). The blue machine, slow to start on Friday evening, was finally launched? The Scots did not hear it that way and never let their adversaries’ woes subside. David Cherry would allow the Scots to return to score (61st).

Even at the age of 14, the Scots did not hesitate to lift

Failing to fly to their first tournament since 2010, the Blues still hope to secure an evening victory, their first with the Blues, XV of France, with an attempted Swan rebadge (66th). France was then ahead 23–20. But a final rise from Bryce Dulin, who preferred to get back into traffic rather than coming into contact, allowed Scotland to recover the ball and start the attack again. Even after falling short of 14 to move Finn Russell forward from the elbow to the French rear, the Scots did not hesitate to revive. An endless defensive streak would last for the men of Fabian Galthey, who would end up with a van der Merwe try.

The tournament ends with a major disappointment on the French side. France’s XV eventually finished second and gave Wales the title.

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