Scotland Without the Stars: Has the BFB done all about it?

Scotland Without the Stars: Has the BFB done all about it?

Does the situation now inspire Foda’s soldiers as well? In any case, Austria will not compete with Lumberjack in Scotland – even if no German association shows donations. With RB Salzburg (Ulmer, Vallci, Wöber), LASK (Trauner, Ranftl, Michorl, Wiesinger, Goiginger, Balic), Rapid (Ullmann, Ljjic, ​​Kara, Ritzmaier, Demir), Sturm (Jantscher, Hierläääerer). There is a large selection of Austrian Bundesliga. And then there are legionnaires outside Germany: 19-year-old Flavius ​​Daniliuk in Nice in the French League, Marco Aranautovic in China (but currently withheld), Luis Schaub in Switzerland, Adrian Grabik in France, Rafael Holjauer in Belgium. , Stefan Schwab and Thomas Murg play in Greece.

The team’s boss Foda and all the stars have appointed some of them for their “Grand Squad” today. Till then who will be allowed to play against Scotland will remain a mystery. The enemy must suffer at least one unknown Austrian loss.

The situation is now relatively clear: in the best case, the Austrian national team wins in Scotland and is followed by not only thirty serious player candidates but sixty.

In the worst case, the game is lost and the BFB has to ask themselves if they have actually made the right balance.

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