Scotland, world debut for first hydrogen buses

Autobus a due piani alimentati a idrogeno in Scozia

The first hydrogen-powered double-decker buses make their debut on the streets of the Scottish city of Aberdeen as part of an EU-funded project.

First Hydrogen Powered Buses in Aberdeen (

Long before public hydrogen buses Enter the scene of thanks officially for the collaboration between First bus, City of one of the public transport operators in Scotland Aberdeen And society Rightbus, Manufacturer of zero emission vehicles.

Realized by Rightbus With contributions from the California company Luxfer, the system implemented in the newly developed buses is based on a multi-cylinder cardiac system that stores hydrogen in the back of the car.

through a fuel cell, In turn powered by hydrogen, a Battery lock Is placed at the bottom of the car which goes to power electric motor.

Project is part of the program JIVE (Joint initiative for hydrogen vehicles across Europe) In addition to distribution in five countries, a subsidy of 32 million euros allocated by the European Union and the Persian 139 zero emission buses, in place Suitable power supply station.

Hydrogen buses, a revolution that builds confidence for the future

Lots of enthusiasm for this change “GreenNot only by the local authorities, but also by the top management RightbusAre convinced that increased use of hydrogen transport can significantly reduce CO2 and noise pollution.

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Is the president of Rightbus. JO Bamford Actually it repeats as Aberdeen It has the world’s first fleet of double-decker buses used for urban passenger transportation. This first part of the fleet is also ready to receiveZero emission target, More and more immediate worldwide.

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Bamford also confirms that this is only the beginning: “Soon, by the end of 2021, we will see these vehicles in other cities of the United Kingdom as well, such as Birmingham and London”.

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Each car will be equipped 60 places Have to sit and have 10 minutes average charging time For a full energy.


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