Scotland’s approach to the European Union

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The question of Scottish independence is making a comeback. Last Thursday’s victory for independence in local parliamentary elections opened a new battle with London. A new referendum is out of the question for the British government.

However the Prime Minister’s Scottish National Party should be able to count on the Scottish Greens who are in favor of divorce and a possible return to the European Union. For Kirsty Hughes, director of the Scottish Center for European Relations, this application will be an asset to go with quickly. “If yes wins in a referendum, I think in the next five years Scotland will be much closer to EU rules, which had almost half a century of experience within the EU.“, she explains.

Maintaining this alignment with EU law will depend much on whether British officials decide to deviate from their European partner. However a possible Scottish membership would mean a member country with a border in Great Britain and a state outside the common project on the other.

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The European Union has its own say with every application for membership. This decision must obtain the approval of all member states. However, some countries like Spain are also struggling with independence movements. There is no question of setting a precedent for these capitals which may be turned against them.

However, Kirsty Hughes assures us that the Scottish case will be very different and should be explained to the most skeptical. “If the independence process is legal and constitutional, Spain will approve an application for membership. For Spain and EU member states, this would mean that London and Edinburgh would have reached an agreement.“, she specifies.

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The question of public finances could pose problems for a potential Scottish candidacy. In the event of independence, Edinburgh would risk starting its new existence with a deficit exceeding the rules authorized by the European Union. Currently, 27 likes to watch debates on channel. But in the near future, European institutions may be asked to break this silence.


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