Scotland’s eternal snowflakes have disappeared this fall!

Scotland's eternal snowflakes have disappeared this fall!

The British press echoed the total melting of Scotland’s “eternal” snow. The story takes place on Breiach, one of the highest peaks in Scotland, at 1,296 meters above sea level, and will be released this autumn 2021.,

8th times in 3 centuries!

In 300 years, the event had happened only 7 times. A few days ago, Supervisor 8. were able to recordth Times! And climatologists will not be mistaken, the rate of this complete melting of ice has been accelerated from the Garbh Choire Mor on Breiach in Scotland. Followed by men since the 1700s, these eternal snowflakes first completely melted in 1933. Then history repeated itself in 1959 and again in 1996. And the events are not yet matched: 2003, 2006, 2017, 2018. And now 2021.

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The disappearance of the Sphinx, the eternal snowfall of Scotland

The hikers who frequent these Scottish mountains commonly refer to it as the ‘Scottish Glacier’. It is also called “Sphinx”. This mythical creature nickname may well be a bad omen, as this patch of snow may simply be ancient history as less snow has fallen in recent years. As The Herald recalled in an article It is not just an anecdote but an underlying trend. Other eternal snowflakes, most notably in the Ben Nevis series, have also largely disappeared.

graphs Angus , CC BY-SA 2.0 , (wikimedia)


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