Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish will be excited for Azurri –

Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish will be excited for Azurri -
From Paola De Carolis

The first rule of football in Wales is that a Welshman always cheers for England. and the image of Mancini-Braveheart appears in Scotland

Save us Roberto, you are our last hope. And’ a mancini In the guise of William Wallace, Scottish hero The one who defeated the English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in the thirteenth century dominates the front page this morning. National, Glasgow Independence Newspaper. The newspaper has a circulation of around 5,000 copies and if the capital letters and emphasis are certainly tabloid, then there is more than a thread of truth in the message.

of England Gareth Southgate Not that one of the United Kingdom’s national teams. Boris Johnson is the prime minister of the entire nation, but in his heart, the Three Lions have a special place, as do the dozens of flags that adorn the facade of the 10 Downing Street Show. And here, therefore, that Wimbly’s final takes on a political dimension. Who saw the premiere wearing a Wales or Scotland shirt? Or wave its flag? For those born beyond Hadrian’s Wall, at the foot of Mount Snowdon, or in Northern Ireland, Sunday’s match, fervent enthusiasm johnson As well as the media’s astonished and triumphant attention from most of his ministers to the exploits of Harry Kane and his comrades, is another demonstration that London and England matter more to the executive as well as the establishment than the rest. World. Village.

an antagonist that has deep and historical roots and as far as it is concerned Scotland and Northern Ireland, This also appeared on the occasion of Brexit: a majority in the 2016 referendum voted to remain in the EU. Forced to accept the result confirmed by voters across the United Kingdom, Scotland and Ulster today touch on the economic consequences of divorce. Movement in Scotland a. is seeking new referendum on independence And a potential read-through for the European Union.

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England old enemy, old foes, and even moderates excited for the Southgate national team, as 42-year-old Stephen Wray of Barehead, East Renfrewshire, explained to The Independent. If football’s natural dislike for England has faded, he explains, I could not be happier for him under any circumstances. For me England is an opponent and you never want your opponent to win. The same issues exist in Wales. Welsh football’s first rule explained clearly, with a touch of irony istin davis, Cardiff music teacher. ‘When England plays you support the other team. It doesn’t matter which team they are, but they never cheer for England.

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