Scott McTominay is the star of Scotland

Scott McTominay is the star of Scotland

NS Scotland Returns to compete in the final stage of the European Championships after 24 years and findsEngland. Even in the 1996 edition, in fact, the final leg of which took place in England, the two “cousins” faced each other in the elimination round, a Super of the Three Lions drawn by Paul Gascoigne. Author of a legendary goal, with a clear 3-0 win.

Now the balance of power has not changed and the national team steve clark They will have to fight for third place together with the Czech Republic in the group completed by Croatia.

Scotland comes into the European Championship with a group that has little international experience, especially in attack.

is the most representative player Scott McTominay, Naturally Scottish Englishman, a genius born in ’96 Dale’ Manchester United.

Universal midfielder, capable of playing in front of the defense as the most advanced position, McTomme was launched into the Red Devils by Jose Mourinho Then to establish himself under Solskjaer management.

In 2018, after a failure to be called by England, he chose Scotland for his grandparents’ origins and has made an immeasurable start to 2018. He will be looking for the first goal with his national team in the European Championship.

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