Scottish Champion Rangers: Gerrard Wins First Championship as Manager

Scottish Champion Rangers: Gerrard Wins First Championship as Manager

Celtic’s draw with Dundee brings the title back to Ibrox after 10 years. Even without the need to play the final leg of the championship.

Ten years later, the nightmare is really over. The Rangers are the Scottish champions for the 55th time in their history. Heartiest, most important. From failure to the title, with icons like Steven Gerrard: In the Protestant half of Glasgow, today we finally have a party.

Collected from 0-0 Celtic At home Pedicle This is important for mathematics: with a total of six days from the end (the last term of the regular season, and the other five that will be played in the final round of the first six), there are 20 points for the profit leaders. The Rangers have 88 points, Celtic 68. Nothing is to be done for white-green Catholics.

In short, the Rangers become champions even before the final leg. And this is a sign of the dominance of Gerrard’s training as a whole, which is in this vintage He won both against his longtime rivals. The third day of the regular season, ironically, the final day, is scheduled in two weeks.

It was rumored that the Rangers could win at Old Firm, humiliating the other side of Glasgow. Instead, the victory came at a turning point. Also recalled an aircraft flown over Dundee, which hailed 55 titles. After 10 years, a nightmare ends in Ibrox: the first title comes after failure and withdrawal.

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For Gerrard, however, this is the first championship. At the end of his career as a player at Liverpool he never managed to win the Premier League. He made it as a coach in Scotland.


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