Scottish fans clean up London after European celebrations

Scottish fans clean up London after European celebrations

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He spread rubbish all over the city to cheer for his team at the European Championships, but then he stopped to clean it up. They are Scottish fans who took part in the cleaning of Leicester Square in London after the entire square was covered with garbage the previous evening during an England-Scotland match last Saturday. Fans had to go home by train on Saturday as a train strike was scheduled for Sunday, but many of them opted to stop in the English capital to clear it.

The match against England was deeply felt by Scottish fans, who gathered in thousands in the squares and pubs of the English capital. Leicester’s square in particular was crowded with game enthusiasts, which ended 0–0. Many wore kilts and draped with the Scottish flag, sang the Flower of Scotland and sang ‘No Scotland, no party’. “After the game the square and the fountain were covered with garbage,” reports BBC,

London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged fans not to come to the city in earlier days unless they have tickets or have organized somewhere to watch the game. Yet this did not happen. Scottish fans have mainly gathered in the English capital, as under the COVID restrictions, large crowds or gatherings of people are prohibited in Scotland.

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