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James Connery in 2008 in Edinburgh

Popular James Bond actor died in Bahamas at age 90

LONDON (AFP) – Condolences to His Majesty’s most popular secret agent: Scottish actor Sean Connery, who is world-renowned as a James Bond actor, has died. He died on Saturday night at the age of 90, like his son Jason of the British broadcaster BBC. Sent. His father died peacefully in his sleep in the Bahamas. He had “felt uncomfortable for some time”.

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James Connery in 2008 in Edinburgh


Although Bond made him the favorite screen hero of a generation with the slogan “Chaken, not stir”, Connery did not rest his mega-success as 007. He won several awards during his decades of career, including an Oscar and three Golden Globes. Michael G., the producer of James Bond, first mourning. Wilson and Barbara met with Broccoli as well as former Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond, who honored him as “the greatest Scotsman in the world”.

Connery’s son Jason called his father’s death “a tragic loss for all people around the world” who enjoyed Scottish acting. The family is still working to “understand” Connery’s death.

Wilson and Broccoli, producers of the famed Secret Agent film series, said, “He will always be remembered as the original James Bond.” “He revolutionized the world with his brave and funny portrayal of the sexy and charismatic secret agent.” Connery was “undoubtedly responsible for the success of the series to a large extent, and we will always be grateful to him.”

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Connery was born on 25 August 1930 as the son of a truck driver and a cleaning lady in Fountainbridge, a working class suburb of Edinburgh. He left school at an early age, with odd jobs and indirectly ventured into acting.

His success came after a few films when talent scouts landed him for the role of Ian Fleming’s secret agent 007 in “James Bond Chase Dr. No”. Five more 007 adventures with Connery in 1971 followed by the film “Goldfinger” in 1962, one of the biggest commercial successes in film history in 1965.

When Connery got his second 007 successor in Roger Moore, he was again persuaded to make a Bond film: In 1983, he appeared in “Never Say Never” as an aging agent. To date, many consider Connery to be the best Bond actor ever.

But Scott also shone outside of the James Bond films: Connery received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1988 for his role in the gangster thriller “Die Unbrechlichen”. Connery thrilled his fans with “Highlander” and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” and other exciting films such as “Hunt for Red October”, “The Russia House” and “The Rock – The Rock of Decision”. In 2006, he ended his acting career.

Off the screen, Connery was a proud Scot. He financially supported the Scottish National Party (SNP), which works for the independence of Scotland from the United Kingdom. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon praised Connery “as a global legend, but as a patriotic and proud Scot”.

Despite his passion for Scotland, Connery, along with his second wife, French painter Michel Rocbrune, lived in the tax havens of the Bahamas in Spain and New York over the years. Due to which he was criticized a lot. But Connery said she did not want to return to Scotland until she became independent.

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Article from 10/31/2020


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