Scottish government wants independence referendum before the end of 2023

Scottish government wants independence referendum before the end of 2023

(London) Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday reiterated her pledge to hold a new referendum on Scottish independence before the end of 2023, despite strong protests from London.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, choices must follow that will shape our economy and society for decades to come,” the SNP’s pro-independence leader said. He presented Scottish MPs with the agenda of his government for the coming year. .

“If COVID-19 allows it”, continued Nicola Sturgeon, the aim is to hold a self-determination referendum “before the end of 2023, in the first part of this legislature”.

So that voters vote “in a fully informed manner”, he specified that his government would “resume work on the detailed brochure that would guide this decision”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the only one capable of authorizing this referendum, strongly opposes it, believing that such a consultation, had already been held in 2014, and a 55% victory of retention in the United Kingdom. Was marked by, “Once in a generation can’t happen”.

Its minister, Michael Gove, responsible for coordinating the government’s action, has ruled out any fresh consultations ahead of the next legislative elections, scheduled for 2024.

But the SNP, which signed a power-sharing deal with pro-independence Greens in August, believes Brexit has been a game-changer, with Scots winning 62% of the vote, against the grain of the Kingdom. objected to. – Joint. For them, the British nation should now be able to join the European Union as an independent state.

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