Scottish lawmakers eventually demand no investigation into Trump golf course funding. world | News | Sun

  Scottish lawmakers eventually demand no investigation into Trump golf course funding.  world |  News |  Sun

CHis proposal, at the initiative of the Green Party, wanted two of the Trump Organization’s golf courses, located in Turnberry (southwest) and Aberdeen area (northeast), to become the subject of scrutiny through a process. An “unexplained anti-money injunction” aimed at combating money laundering operations.

Patrick Harvey, co-head of the Scottish Greens, told the newspaper that there are “serious concerns” about the way the former US president financed the cash purchase of his Scottish golf course. Scotsman.

Donald Trump’s son Eric criticized the debate, which he said put foreign investors at risk. Calling Patrick Harvey a “national disgrace”, he called on politicians to “save lives and reopen businesses in Scotland” amid a pandemic, rather than discussing the origins of this funding.

Mr Harvey accused Eric Trump of being a “fad” and insisted he “does not say where his father got the money to buy his Scottish golf course”.

Before the vote, a demonstrator wearing a giant Trump mask and pulling a golf cart loaded with cash held a sign that read “Check Me” in front of parliament.

The Trump Organization’s presence in Scotland has sparked controversy before and during Donald Trump’s presidency, which has continued since he left the White House.

In 2018, his visit to Turnberry inspired thousands to perform in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Last month Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned the outgoing president that he would not be welcome in Scotland during the pandemic if he wanted to come there to play golf.

Even if passed, the motion calling for an inquiry would not have been binding, but lawmakers hoped that by doing so they would put pressure on the government to act.

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The Scottish government insisted earlier in the week that justice acts independently on such matters.


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