Scottish Police strengthen border control with England – 12/20/20 – News

Sunday, 12/20/2020 from 5:04 p.m.


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German police officer on a display (symbolic image).

EDINBURGH (dpa-AFX) – Due to the spread of the Corona virus and a new version of the travel ban, the Scottish Police has increased its control. “Today I approved to double my presence in the Scottish border areas,” according to a statement. The “high visibility patrol” should stop anyone considering breaking travel restrictions.

No checkpoints or other control points will be emphasized, Livingstone. Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has imposed a strict travel ban between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

There have also been isolated cases of virus mutations from Scotland and Wales. The highly contagious Corona version is spreading rapidly, particularly in London and other areas in south-east England. The ban on remote exit and travel has been in place since Sunday ./bvi/DP/nas


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