Scottish scream: “Save us …”. what is behind this photo

  Scottish scream:

Euro 2020 final to be staged tomorrow evening at WembleyItaly By Roberto Mancini who wants to put his second European title on showcase after 53 years for the last time and with England looking to seal first in the competition. The temple of English football will be drawn and for the most part represented by home fans, but Italy will be able to count on the support of at least part of Scotland (who equalized Gary Southgate’s national team in the group stage). Gave.

Mancini Braveheart

The National Newspaper, the Scottish independence newspaper, has actually published a first page devoted entirely to Roberto Mancini As Braveheart with the eloquent title: “Save us Roberto, you are our last hope!”The National’s Facebook page wrote this. Mancini was painted blue as Scottish national hero William Wallace, just like Mel Gibson with his face in the newspaper.

If the title is eloquent, the subtitle is even more so, revealing the real reason (if one was still needed). typhus Some of the Scottish separatists towards Italy:“We” couldn’t stand another 55 years of “bragging” them, an obvious reference to England that won the home World Cup in 1966 by defeating West Germany in the final.

english press

Today’s front pages of English newspapers and newspapers speak only of tomorrow’s great challenge: “Let’s bring it back home Harry”, the title of the mail, “A Game of Glory”, with a picture of the National 26 players of the team and the architect, coach of the great miracle Gary Southgate. “come on England!” shouts the Daily Star, who teases Italians with a picture of a pineapple on a pizza.

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hot climate

Temperatures are starting to rise just a day after one of the most important matches of the season will decree Europe’s national champions who will replace Portugal Cristiano RonaldoDidier Deschamps, victorious in 2016 in the final against France. The English press used harsh terms towards the Italians, who were defined as “shady and flamboyant”, while someone spoke of a supposed “biscuit” to win over England for the first time in a European ( skepticism that leaves them honest the time they meet).

Certainly some Scots have already expressed their support for Roberto Mancini’s Italy side, but it will take too long to improve the Three Lions national team, capable of winning five matches in this match. european Like the Azzurri (a draw for England against Scotland in the group, a draw for Italy in the semi-final with Spain which was then won on penalties).

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