Sean Connery is ‘Scotland Forever’, a dream of freedom

Sean Connery is 'Scotland Forever', a dream of freedom
Roma, 31 there. – (Adnkronos)

“Scotland Forever”. It is in tattooing on his arm, when he was a young sailor, that Sean Connery, the country’s greatest Scottish actor, has a patriotic spirit attached. A memorial interpreter of Secret Agent 007 was the most famous face of Scottish independence in the service of His Majesty the Queen, a supporter of the Scottish National Party. In 1999 he returned to Scotland to participate in the campaign for the first Scottish Parliament election.

Already known for some time for anti-integration positions on the United Kingdom, in 2014 he openly favored Yes for the Scottish independence referendum. “This is a unique opportunity, not to be missed – declared the 84-year-old actor born in Edinburgh – with the victory of Yes will be a renewed focus on our culture and politics, to promote us a Offers unprecedented opportunities. Our cultural heritage and our creative excellence “.

“We are a small nation, but we deserve to be independent”, Sean Connery likes to reiterate in his continued pre-independence statements. “I support the freedom struggle because I believe in equality”. In 2012 he said: “The first step was the triumph of an autonomous parliament. The second came with the election of a Scottish National Party-led government in 2007. Now I believe Scotland has what it takes to take a third. I Moving towards independence, and I am confident that I will succeed in my life. ‚ÄĚSean Connery died with this 90-year unfulfilled dream, but with a tattoo inscribed” Forever Scotland “on his arm .


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