Secessionists win in Scotland: start of deadlock with London

Boris Johnson, who has the last word on whether or not to authorize this referendum, strongly opposes it. If Ms. Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP) tries to legislate for a referendum, but the UK government does not cooperate, the dispute can be settled in court.

It would be absurd and completely maliciousMs Sturgeon said on the BBC on Sunday. If this happened, This would mean that a conservative government has refused to respect the democratic will of the Scottish people, He warned.

Referendum will have to be held for Boris Johnson irresponsible. The Tory leader believes the priority is to deal with the economic recovery following the coronovirus epidemic, which has killed more than 127,000 people in the UK and brought the country to its knees.

He invited Ms. Sturgeon to work with him Common challenges, Invited him to a meeting with other heads of local governments.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Photo: Reuters / Lee Smith

On Tuesday, during the traditional speech of Queen Elizabeth II, which will present the agenda of the government’s national policy in Parliament, the conservative leader announced on Twitter: We will move forward to unite [le pays] And move one gear up.

Instead of focusing on what divides, let’s focus on what unites, Supported by minister Michael Gov, responsible for coordinating the government’s action, interviewed on SkyNews on Sunday.

Nicola Sturgeon agrees with Boris Johnson on one point: the end of the epidemic is a priority. But he told the BBC on Sunday thatAfter the crisis, He counted Give Scottish people an opportunity to choose their future in a referendum.

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Such consultation had already taken place in 2014. At the time, 55% of Scots opted to remain in the UK. Based on this recent vote, Boris Johnson argues that such a referendum cannot take place Once per generation.

However, the SNP believe Brexit was a game-changer, with 62% of the Scots opposed. The SNP aims to join the European Union as an independent state for Scotland.

Michael Gov argued that unlike the 2011 local election, which saw a major victory for separatists and a referendum three years later, this time SNP did not get majority.

According to the final results announced on Saturday, two days after the election, the SNP did not actually have an absolute majority of one seat, achieving 64 out of 129 seats in the Scottish Parliament.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross, whose party has elected 31 MPs, congratulated himself on Twitter Prevented a SNP majority .

For election expert John Curtis, one of the reasons The unsuccessful aim of the separatists Is it that conservative and Labor voters worried about Britain’s future have shown a willingness to vote cleverly to try to prevent the pro-independence SNP from winning locally.

For this teacher, Polls reveal how divided Scotland is politically, He told the BBC.

However, the SNP could ally itself with the Greens, also in favor of seceding from the United Kingdom, which gained eight seats.

This gives us two parties in Parliament who support independence, who will consider this result as a mandate for a second referendum.Lynn Benny of the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen told AFP.

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The problem is that the Conservative government in Westminster will refuse in the short term. So we have this debate about the demand for a democratic referendum, but the legal position that prevents the referendum from happening because it is ultimately up to the UK government to give it., Said Lynn Benny very difficult Predict how this can be resolved.


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