Second Referendum Plan – New effort for an independent Scotland

Ein Mann und eine Frau laufen mit Schottland-Flaggen an einem Waldstück entlang, 18. September 2020  (imago images / Julien Marsault)

“‘Covering Time’ Rus Beastie, Oh What a Panic in Your Beastie. He’s Afraid of Democracy.”

In a poem by Robert Burns, Nicola Sturgeon described Prime Minister Johnson’s fear of democracy. On the anniversary of the Scottish poet’s most famous poet through the song “Auld Long Cine”, the Prime Minister of Scotland once again called for a second independence referendum.

“The elections predict a clear majority in favor of Scottish independence if the Scottish National Party wins the election in a few months, by proposing that the people vote on it.”

(Photo Coalition / Xinhua News Agency | Zheng Huansong)Brexit deal – a deal with many compromises
Free trade, fair competition, settlement in the dispute over fishing rights: EU Commission President von der Leyen is satisfied with the negotiated contract. However, the agreement will not solve some problems.

Another referendum?

“Which Democrat can oppose this? Boris Johnson is simply afraid of the Scots’ decision,” Sturgeon said. According to a Sunday Times poll, if that decision were made today, 49 percent of Scots would have voted in favor of independence and 44 percent against independence. Brexit changed the mood. In the last referendum, a clear majority was in favor of remaining in Britain.

Ian Blackford, leader of the Scottish National Party, SNP, parliamentary group, said: “At the time, we were told that if we stayed in the UK, our rights as EU citizens would be respected. has been ignored.” Because: Now the Scots had to leave the EU against their will – with noticeable consequences.

European Union Commission building in Brussels with neon sign Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted, “Light on the lights!” And the neon sign projected on the EU Commission building in Brussels refers to “Europe loves Scotland”. (screenshot / Deutschlandradio / Twitter 1/1/2021, 12:01 PM)

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Even the Scottish fishermen hired for Brexit are outraged. “We were kidnapped by the government in London,” firstly because the fishermen do not get the full fishing rights they were promised and secondly because of the costly and complicated export bureaucracy they can no longer get their fish to the EU in time. do not bring

Growing outrage – also because conservatives have been determining fate in Westminster for decades, while left-wing nationalists have ruled Edinburgh – believes in an election, and yet again after elections on 6 May, Scotland’s parliament. With an absolute majority of 70 seats in Holyrood.

Ian Blackford: “This will be an opportunity for the Scottish people to vote on an independence referendum on their return to the European Union.”

Johnson points to 2014

Of course, fighting the pandemic and its consequences is also a priority for the SNP, but the Scottish Parliament has already paved the way for a second referendum. However, such a referendum would not be binding without London’s approval.

So far, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been negative: “In 2014 we had a referendum that was the only one in a generation. On that basis, the people voted for our wonderful United Kingdom.”

Perhaps Johnson shouldn’t be afraid of the referendum at all. Scotland does three quarters of its trade with England, Wales and Northern Ireland and is subsidized by London with over £2,000 per capita. But if Johnson doesn’t give up, the Constitutional Court may have to decide. The verdict of the people seems to have already been passed: according to the survey, almost half of the British expect Scotland to become independent within ten years.

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