See: DeGuard’s two assistants vs. Romania

See: DeGuard's two assistants vs. Romania

Martinga Degarde did his best in months in Norway’s 4-0 win over Romania in the UEFA Nations League. The Real Madrid player was hit on the right side in Norway’s 4-4-201 in, but was given the freedom to move in the middle when Norway hit the ball. Ga Degard played a total of 70 minutes, giving Holland 2 assists, 3 key passes, 1 shot on target, and 3 of 3 t 3k-ons.

First aid, at its best, was Degod. He wins the ball deep in midfield, pulls his head on the dribble, and breaks the 30-yard line and slots the vert pass straight into Holland’s way:

First aid broke the deadlock and gave Norway an early lead. The game’s ga degaard’s second assist came off a recycled set-piece in the 63rd minute. Ga Degard played a short corner kick that was whipped, but a short corner cleared by Romania headed towards the Sander Bridge at the top of the box, who tried to fire but saw the ball defected back into the box, hitting the back of the back four. had found Degard. Roman Degard was left at 1-1 with Romanian goalkeeper Tutursano, but instead of going from tight angle to goal, he leveled the score to get an easy tap-in and score in the second half of the night:

Fans of Madrid will hope that Deadguard can boost his confidence-boosting performance and mimic his good form for the club. Deadguard could be a game-changing genius for Los Blancos – a fit and firing.


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