See: Thundeso will strike Edinburgh for the second night in a row

Watch: Thundersnow strikes Edinburgh for second night in a row

The activity followed similar bangs and bright flashes that shocked many early Friday morning, with some calling for police to report a possible explosion in the capital.

The roar was heard in some of the explosions after 1 p.m.

Residents said in a statement on social media: “Thunder! WW3 just erupted in Edinburgh. “

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With heavy rains and hail, water levels have already risen in many parts of the city.

Another resident posted on Twitter: “Tonight in Edinburgh there is more thunder and lightning, the sky is breaking, and so much rain / snow / rain. Enough 2020, please …

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In the pictures and video shows, after heavy rains and hurricanes, the water level in Laith is rising …

According to experts at the Met Office Fees, hurricane conditions form when windy conditions form and sometimes snowfall due to heavy rainfall.

Dramatic night skies on Saturday morning, captured by Edinburgh resident / saintxmedia

This, along with the usual thunder and lightning, is called ‘Thandsnu’. Thundershow is just as unusual as it can only happen in a few months of the year.

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