Serge Taste: Scottish Youth – Whiskey Expert

Serge Taste: Scottish Youth - Whiskey Expert

Isle of Rasse Distillery, Dalmunach, Kingsburns and Wolfburn These are the distilleries that deliver whiskey for tasting on WhiskeyFun today. These are all among the smaller distilleries in Scotland – they all have relatively young whiskeys available.

The tasting rating is in the range from “Gos So” to “good enough” with a score of 76 to 85, but this is put into perspective by written notes (with 76 points for Germany the bottled Wolfborn is then “interesting and thoroughly is” did, “but not whiskey in my opinion”). Which once again shows that dots alone don’t say everything.

In any case, here is our table tasting:

Isle of Rasse ‘Release No. 1’ (46.4%, OB, batch #R-01, 7500 bottles, 2021) 80
Dalmunach 5 yo 2016/2021 (57%, Dram More, First Fill Bourbon Barrel, Cask #52, 260 Bottles) 81
Kingsburn ‘Bell Rock’ (46%, OB, 2,208 bottles, 2021) 82
Kingsburn ‘Balcomi Sherry Cask’ (46%, OB, 2021) 83
Wolfburn 2014/2021 ‘Vibrant Stills’ (50%, OB, 1,206 bottles) 76
Wolfburn 2014/2018 (59.8%, Cyprus Whiskey Association for OB, quarter cask, cask #123/14, 160 bottles) 85

This time we have the distillery built on Imperial Square as the cover picture dalmunaf selected…

Dalmunach © Alexandra Kretz, Pleasure on the Palate
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