Sheffield Live Wednesday: Owl Fall for Disappointing Defeat, Tony Police ‘Reaction Coming Soon

Sheffield Wednesday LIVE: HTAFC 2-0 Owls - Huddersfield miss penalty as SWFC cling on... just
Sheffield is against Huddersfield on Wednesday.  (Martin Ricketts / PA Wire)
Sheffield is against Huddersfield on Wednesday. (Martin Ricketts / PA Wire)

It’s time again, it’s not 3 matches. There is another chance for Wednesday to pick up some more points.

Owls are battling Huddersfield at Jones Smith Stadium as they return to winning ways, and they will certainly be happy with the fact that they have not conceded a goal since January 2011, nor have they lost. League game against them later in 2013.

Our man will bring you all the HD1 news at Alex Miller Stadium, while C Crane will be on the blog to make sure you’re up to date with everything that happens in Tony Police’s latest attempt to win the 100. Championship game.

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Stay with us on the blog, and the first cops crossed fingers for victory.

Last updated: Tuesday, December 08, 2020, 21:45

  • The Owls travel to John Smith Stadium to face Huddersfield tonight.
  • Josh Winds declared himself fit to play
  • Wayne Rooney talks to Jack Marriott
  • HTFC: Hammer, Pipa, Sir, Edmunds-Green, Toffolo, Eating, Hog (Bekuna 35), O’Brien, Coroma (Brown 62), Campbell (Ward 83), Mabenza (Vallejo 83).
  • SWFC XI: Wildsmith, Audubajo, Irfa, Liz, Burner (Palmer 21), Luongo (Pelupace 46), Bannan (Brown 85), Harris, Patterson (Kachunga, 80), Rich, Winds (Rhodes, 80).

You can’t help but feel that the game is over now on Wednesday. . . However Rhodes – who appeared offside – has been forced to save only the penalty from Hammer. Corner from Wednesday. . . Nothing happens.

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Another change for the owl

And he’s another former town man for Bann with Izzy Brown.

Embenza and Campbell off. Vallejo and Ward are in their place.

Rhodes and Kachunga continue for Windows and Patterson. Both players are against their former club.

This time it’s Winds who tries from a distance, but Hammer defends comfortably.

Bunnan allows to fly long distances, but sees the beginning at the high altitude and wide of the target hammer. Nice.

On Wednesday one can consider oneself lucky that no Town player can enter the box of Ambenza at the end of a superb ball.

It was a dangerous cross and escaped from Bekuna and Fraser who were hiding in six-yard bucks. You think it was necessary to contact one of them and it would be 3-0.

Toffolo and Harris both booked shortly after coming together. Chatted with his fourth officer before dealing with the ref. No more red cards needed on Wednesdays.

The hosts are just keeping the ball here. They’re not trying too hard to get a third, and don’t ask too many questions on Wednesday. Looks like they’re just happy to see this, and the owl has no way of getting things done by force.


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